It seems providing basic amenities, snow clearance has become rocket science for LG administration: AIP

 It seems providing basic amenities, snow clearance has become rocket science for LG administration: AIP

File photo: Er Rasheed AIP Chief, photo | Internet

Srinagar, Jan 11: Lambasting the LG lead administration for its callously inhuman approach in clearing snow clogged roads across Kashmir division, party leadership castigated present day administration for its inconsiderate heartless approach.

It seems those occupying chairs of power have lost all sense of responsibility towards people at large. They are more interested in fake encounters rather than mitigating people’s miseries said party leader and Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai in a statement to ANH.

Ashai lamented those who were shouting from rooftops about developing Kashmir post the unconstitutional, illegal abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A, their tall claims of development and responsive governance have fallen flat on their faces.

Party top brass reprimanded LG lead Government of its responsibilities towards common citizens, simply passing the buck and hiding behind infrastructural lacuna is just further exposing the current state of affairs and gross incompetence of those at helm.

Various complaints of roads being clogged, non availability of drinking water are still pouring in from scores of places, days after valley witness first heavy snowfall.


Party leadership urged Raj Bhagwan to wake up and immediately get down to solving miseries of people escalated especially post snowfall. The ill preparedness of administration is a new low in the history of administrative Governance in Jammu and Kashmir, those promising Kashmiris sun and moon must answer why a few inches of snowfall has exposed present Government’s hollow claims absolutely.

Reacting to news where a local BJP party member hired a JCB to get snow cleared from some areas in Srinagar, Ashai ridiculed the helpless of BJP man who was left high and dry by his own Government.

These people were merry making post abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A and today this ginormous administrative failure has become a hallmark of their incompetence. Party termed it as a constitutional responsibility of those at helm to resolve people’s issues expeditiously.

Those talking about five trillion economy must first ensure road connectivity and availability of drinking water across Kashmir division. Awami Itehad Party leadership firmly demanded of LG administration to immediately get snow removed from all major roads of Kashmir division and ensure traffic on the National Highway gets restored at the soonest, the statement added.

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