World’s youngest pellet victim, still without sight in injured eye.

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Shopian, March 10 :The world’s youngest pellet victim, little Hiba Nisar, who was injured in the right eye during pellet firing by the forces on November 25 last year, is battling to regain the eye’s sight. Her parents say there has been no recovery yet as Hiba is still unable to see from the eye that sustained the pellet wound.
Hiba’s family members told Kashmir Reader that her doctors had advised them that she would have to undergo another surgery next month (around April 10), after which they hope she may regain the eye’s sight.
Hiba was 19 months old when she was injured outside her home when a gunfight took place in neighbouring village Batgund. Six militants, including Hizb district commander Ali Abas and top LeT militant Umar Ganie, were killed in that encounter.
Nisar Ahmad Bhat, the father of Hiba, told Kashmir Reader that all he can do now is pray and provide the best available treatment to his daughter. “I have trust in the doctors who are treating my daughter. They have given me the surety that she will regain her eyesight,” he said. He added that he had been about to consult doctors outside the valley, but the doctors at Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) hospital didn’t allow him to, saying that she was under the best treatment in the valley instead.
Nisar said that the family takes her for a check-up once or twice a week but have not seen any positive sign till now. “They may operate upon her eye next month, and she had earlier undergone two surgeries at SMHS Srinagar,” he said.
Nisar’s house is situated some thousand metres from the Batgund encounter site. Hiba’s grandfather, Abdul Ahad Bhat, narrated the incidents of the day of the encounter. “There was a huge cordon, but we were not aware that some forces men had laid an ambush outside our house. They were hiding behind a small tin fence as my daughter-in-law went outside carrying her daughter. When they fired a pellet cartridge at her, Hiba’s mother put her hand over the child’s face. Her hand and back also sustained injuries, but despite that, a pellet hit Hiba’s right eye deep, causing major damage. Till date, she is not able to see from that eye.” He added that there were no protests at the time on around their house as it is in an isolated place and far away from the road as well as the protests of that day.
Nisar Ahmad said that so far it had cost him Rs 50,000 for the treatments. “I will go for any hospital and treatments for the eye sight of my daughter,” he said, adding that recently the doctors had covered Hiba’s left eye to check whether she was able to see from the right one, but she was not able to recognise anything and started crying within a moment. Family members said watching Hiba battling to see and recognise things kills them inside. “She turns her whole head and eyes to the right when she feels something there,” said an aunt, sorrowing over the child’s condition.(Kashmir Reader)


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