Weak performance of Wards, Parents demand transfer of teachers from middle school Boniyar.

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Baramulla, May 21 (ANH) : Parents of wards in government Middle school Hakapathri Boniyar are concerned over the weak performance of students and irregularity of the teachers in the institution.

The middle school in Hakapathri area of Boniyar tehsil of Baramulla district have six teachers, more than 150 students, However, parents allege teachers of being mostly absent and late arrival to school by which the the students suffer.

The parents demanded that the current staff to be transferred from the school, so that the new faculty could ease the student suffering.

“The teachers should be transferred from this school and new staff should be posted Immediately,” the parents told Asiannewshub.

They said that the teachers in the institution are irresponsible for their duties.

One of  the parents, told Asiannewshub, that they observe from years that the teachers posted in the school are not coming on regular basis, even if some attend the school, they come up late in the noon time.

“We have been watching these teachers either absent or being late to the school,”

“Our children are not taught well in this school since my own daughter is in the same class from two years,” he said.

The parents told Asiannewshub that they several times appealed to the teachers that they want their wards to be given leaving certificate but the teachers refused to provide.

“We want better education for our children, the teachers refused to provide leaving certificate citing the reason that their roll would decline in the school,” they added.

The parents said that their wards are being forced to repeat the same class they had passed in the previous year without any reason.

The school have more than 150 enrolled students with only six teachers posted in the school, but the ground progress of the students seems zero, the parents allege.

They also said that the teachers do not provide attention despite being well educated then the teachers in private institutions.

One of the teachers told Asiannewshub that they have the threat of wild animals since the school is without fencing.

“Several times the wild animals have shown up in the school premises in fact a female teacher was injured in the previous years,” he told.

He added that they are just six teachers post for more than 150 students, however the most of the teachers are put on election duty.

ZEPO Boniyar, Basheer Ahmad Khan told Asiannewshub that they have taken up the matter and they will visit the institution and take the necessary action.

“The department would look into the matter and avail what is best for the students,” Khan said

“However the department have planned to fence the school in the current year,” he added. (ANH).

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