Unfinished drainage, poor planning make city roads accident prone

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Srinagar, May 10 (ANH) : Damaged and potholed roads are turning into a major annoyance for people in Srinagar,Commutors face inconvenience in every passing day, in several cases even bad roads leading to accidents.
As the roads in Srinagar city continue to be in a dilapidated condition , the experts believe that lack of planning, poor quality control and unfinished drainage system are the primary causes for the poor condition of roads in the summer capital.
The roads leading to most of these inner areas are bumpy and dotted with potholes.
Commuters complain that transporters are reluctant to ply on these roads, since forcing residents to walk by foot.
Employee’s, students and local residents suffer the cause. They fail to make it to work and classes on time as the public transport barely ply on these dilapidated roads.
In several cases auto rickshaw drivers and two wheelers lose control on these road and scores of vehicles have been damaged and people get injured.
Residents of Parimpora , Budshah Nagar, Batmaloo, Panthchowk , Qawamari, Hawal, Khayam , Khanayar  and Noorbagh complain of similar problems.
The roads are battered after heavy snow fall in past winter and now frequent rains cause a gridlock.
However the authorities need to take the initiative and roads in city need to be fixed.
“There are potholes everywhere and the state administration must gear up to repair the roads in Kashmir” said a expert to Asiannewshub.
From Jehangir Chowk area,  authorities have removed the surface of the road which has created an excavation making the area more prone to accidents. Similar are the cases from Lal Chowk mechanized parking, TRC and Polo view there are potholes of the sizes of ditches.
In Sonwar-Pantha Chowk road also there are uncountable potholes that cause inconvenience to both the pedestrians and people.
In several areas construction material lies on the road  due to which the transporters  plying their  vehicles on a very snail pace since forcing passengers, pedestrian  walk by foot to reach to their destinations.
“It is difficult to slow down a vehicle all of sudden when these potholes are suddenly encountered and they lead to fatal road accidents,” said a group of bus driver to Asiannewshub.
They said that  they are clueless about these potholes, speed breakers and authorities have turned deaf ears towards the issue.
While officials in the R&B department believed that drainage system across the city is the main reason for damage to the roads, official told Asiannewshub.
“We can create good roads, since the city lacks proper drainage system, the water accumulates on the roads during monsoons and thereby the roads are damaged even during the initial spell of rains.”
Moreover they said that lack of supervision and faulty construction material are other reasons for the roads getting washed away as soon as they are constructed. “There should be a team of officials of the government on the field supervising the construction activity and ensure that proper procedures is being followed.
But unfortunately, the work is done as per the convenience of the contractors,” they said to asiannewshub.
While they believed if patchwork is done with proper method, it will be successful but unfortunately the field officers do it in a haphazard manner.
The standard procedure is that the irregular potholes are to be cut in rectangular or square shape before filling them which is not being done.
There should be a team of officials for field supervision,” they said.
Speaking with Chief Engineer of Roads and Buildings Department, Sami Arif, told Asiannewshub that the repairing and patch work of roads is going on and within weeks it will be done.
“Contractors will repair the damaged roads which they have macadamized last year,”.(ANH).

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