Tufail Mattoo’s 9th death anniversary: Father vows to keep fighting for justice

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Srinagar, June 11 : On ninth death anniversary of Tuffail mattoo, parents, relatives,friends and other family members visited the grave of Tufail Ashraf Mattoo here in Eidgah Srinagar on Tuesday.

Rituals and tributes were paid to Tufail at Martyrs’ Graveyard here in Eidgah where Tufail is buried.

16-year old Tufail was allegedly killed by security forces in 2010 after a tear gas shell hit him on the head while he was returning from his tuitions, allegedly fired at him by cops point blank at a close range.

Though nine years have passed, justice still eludes Tufail’s family who lost their lone son and yet his killers are at large, told his father Mohammed Ashraf Mattoo to Asiannewshub.

According to the family members of slain Tufail, for the past nine years their fight was unprecedented though there was no development in the investigation in their son’s killing.

Muhammad Ashraf Mattoo, father of Tufail, vows to fight for his son despite having no expectations from the system.

He said that my son was murdered and culprits are still roaming freely as no any action has been taken against them.

“We should not expect anything from a system which is blind and shut when it comes to delivering justice. Such a system has failed every innocent victim of this place. Despite that my struggle for my son, who was brutally killed, will continue till I am alive,” said Tufail’s father.

“On every anniversary of Tufail’s killing our resentment and conviction grows stronger,” he told Asiannewshub.

We are still hopeful that Allah will give justice to our son.

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