Trifurcation, delimitation or abrogation of Article 35A: What is happening in J&K

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Srinagar, August 03 : The deployment of additional troops and the sudden curtail on the Amarnath Yatra have set the rumours ringing loud in Jammu and Kashmir. There is panic in the Valley and there is absolutely no clear indication about the government is planning on doing.

There has been speculation that the government is in the process of abrogating Article 35A. The other rumour is with regard to the trifurcation of the state to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The third is with regard to delimitation ahead of the elections.

The government has denied this as being merely speculative in nature and said that this a security measure.

On Friday and Saturday, the trifurcation rumours were the loudest. It may be recalled that last year, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Satyapal Malik had said that trifurcation would be a disaster.

In the political circles of J&K, the discussion is that the government wants to abrogate Article 35A, so that the regional parties of the state boycott the elections. This would be advantageous for the BJP.

The issue relating to trifurcation of the state has been long debated. The allegation has always been that the Muslim majority in the Valley tend to dominate the other two regions-Jammu and Ladakh.

However, Sources said that the additional deployment of troops is purely security related. We have information about Pakistan upping the ante and hence this measure has been taken. All that is being discussed are purely rumours and people not pay heed to it, the source also said.

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