Students protest, demand relaxation in syllabus for joint exams

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Sheikh Danish

Dozens of students assembled at Press enclave Srinagar chanted slogans in favour of justice.

Srinagar, April 01 (ANH) : The undergrad­uate students including boys and girls staged pro­test here at Press colony Srinagar,to demand 50 per cent relax­ation in their syllabus for the upcoming joint examination of 5th and 6th semesters.

The students urged au­thorities to fulfil their de­mands at an earliest.

The protesting students said that since the examina­tion for the 5th and 6th se­mester are being scheduled to be held joint­ly after three months ; the Kashmir University administration must deduct their syllabus by 50 per cent so that the students could heave a sigh of relief.

Saying that the protest held today was not against any official or administra­tion but to press for their demands, the students said, “We hope the administra­tion would look into the is­sue and fulfil our demands at an earliest.”

They said that the results for the third and fourth semester have not been declared so far.

“We have come up with a few de­mands.

We hope the admin­istration won’t play with our future and would fulfil our demands shortly,” they said.(ANH)

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