Renzushah emphasised for Development of Tujar sharief,  Wadi-e-Yamberzalo, birth place of Hazrat Hamza Makhdoomi RA

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Sopore, July 14 : The chairman Kashmir society international Khawaja Farooq Renzushah while interacting with thousands of Aitqaadi  devotees who had assembled on occasion of Reconstruction of holy shrines of Hazrat Bibi Mariyum, and Hazrat Baba Usman parents of Hazrat Makhdoom sahib which is in continuation of Development of Tujar sharief and Wadi-e-Yambarzalo since 30th October 2011 from Tujar Sharief. It was on 30th October 2011 resolution by Lakhs of people demanding for declaring Yamberzalo Tujar Sharief as spiritual Tourism Development Authority was  raised.

Khawaja Renzushah, in capacity of Chief patron of Makhdoom Trust Khawaja Renzushah,Jenab Shahid Jeelani chairman of Trust, Jenab Mohd Sultan Makhdoom, General Secretary and most Reverend Late Hazrat peer Mohd Yaseen peer Murshid of Shalimar and other 13 distinguished Members of Trust on 30th October 2011, started construction of Holy shrine of Hazrat Baba Ali Raina brother of Sultan-e-Kashmir Hazrat Makhdoom sahib at Tujar Sharief.

Since then it was demanded that keeping sanctity of Tujar sharief in view and Divine and spiritual beauty of Wadi-e-Yambarzalo in view, being birth places of Zyeti Raina,grandfather of Sultan ul Arfeen, parents and brother of Sultan ul Arfeen, and various places resembling with paradise like Wadi-e-yambarzalo and Doode (milk) rocks providing pure spring water to Tujar sharief and yambarzlo valley which have remained completely unattended and undeveloped.

Name of Model village for Tujar has become  joke as this historical, spiritual city in Sopore has no sanitation arrangements. Renzushah said that Kashmir is name of Aitqaad and these two places like Wadi-e-Yambarzalo where chronic patients get cured only by walking and Tujar sharief which is epitome city of spiritualism in Sopore belt should be immediately developed. All the places associated with our past cultural should be developed.

Khawaja Renzushah was accompanied by Dr. Tabish, Altaf Makhdoomi General secretary of Jamaat e Ahal e Aitqaad , and top scholars, writers, religious personalities.From Tujar Sharief and spiritual Wadi-e-Yambarzalo, Renzushah proceeded to Kreeri shrine of Hazrat Murad sahib.

In shrines of Hazrat Bibi Mariyum and Baba Usman for full day today arrival of top Aitqadies, scholars continued Jenab Imam Hai,Mr. Fayaz Neaka, Mr. Makhdoomi sahib Mr.Hilal Mandi sahib president of various business associations, and other most distinguished persons also interacted with thousands of devotees on the occasion.

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