Pulwama suicide attack massive intelligence failure: Arundhati Roy

Srinagar, May 15 : The Booker prize-winning novelist and human rights campaigner Arundhati Roy said Pulwama suicide attack was a massive intelligence failure and hinted towards the attack being a false flag operation.

In an interview with Democracy Now, she said, “Kashmir is a situation in which anything can happen at any time. It’s like a pressure cooker. More and more young people are joining militancy”. And because of the political situation in India with the rise of Hindu nationalism, it’s constantly being used as a way of getting the Hindu vote together–quote unquote–the Hindu vote together”.

She added that 24-hour news channels just screaming nationalism, who have no sense of what is factual, what is not, and so on. So it needs to be flipped around. Kashmir needs to become a buffer zone between two nuclear powers, not a flashpoint.

She added “Pulwama is a really big question mark, which we need to understand what actually happened. Because in Kashmir, historically, there have been many, many false flag attacks.

She added “I don’t even know what is Jaish-e-Mohammed anymore. Because the situation in Kashmir is that there are real terror groups, there are fake terror groups, there are penetrator terror groups”.

“There was a massive intelligence failure, which evens the governor of Kashmir spoke about. And then suddenly everyone went quiet. Modi started campaigning using the pictures of the dead security forces, which was so terrible” she said.

“Well, let’s put it simply–that in April, India and Pakistan became the first nuclear-armed countries ever in history to bomb each other. So that should be enough reason for everybody to sit up and pay attention,” insisted Roy. (PTK)

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