No, author of TIME’s cover story on PM Modi is not a citizen of Pakistan

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India, May 15: Veteran journalist Tavleen Singh tweeted that her son Aatish Taseer is not a Pakistani, a day after the BJP described him as a “Pakistani citizen” to discredit the cover story he had written for Time magazine on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, titled “India’s Divider in Chief”.

Time magazine’s cover story ‘India’s divider-in-chief’ was mooted on social media this week. A sharp critique of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the article, written by journalist and author Aatish Taseer was much discussed with regard to the author’s nationality rather than the contents of the piece itself.

The ruling BJP has also dismissed the critique and refused to comment on it, pointing fingers instead at the author’s nationality. Amit Shah, the BJP national president, in an interview with Times Now reverberated the party line.

In response to a question about PM Modi’s criticism in the article, he said, “See I believe the people of this country and their sixth sense is much bigger than any magazine. On 23rd [of May], It will be decided so as to how has Modi performed. According to the information that I have… an article written by a Pakistani author shouldn’t be taken with such credibility.”

Addressing a press conference, BJP spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra reiterated the same claim. He said, “The man who called Modi divider-in-chief is a Pakistani man, he is a Pakistani citizen. You all know what Pakistan is like. They hate Narendra Modi because he did two surgical strikes on them. What else is there to say? But Rahul Gandhi is tweeting about it.”

BJP national spokesperson Syed Shahnawaz Hussain in a sound bite given to Zee News said, “The one who has written the article is a Pakistani. Whether he goes to America. In his mind, there must be instilled anger against Modi. We don’t need any certificate from Time magazine. In the history of India, if there were the least number of riots under anybody’s rule then it was under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”. (Agencies)

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