New WhatsApp policies: No privacy of data!

 New WhatsApp policies: No privacy of data!

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Srinagar, Jan 08: Facebook has slowly owned the major social media running applications and one of them is WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been sending an in-app notification about its new updated terms of service and privacy policy,. The popup is an informing message about the changes made in the policy of the instant messaging platform.

Android and iOS users got the notification on Tuesday also many received it on Wednesday. After the notification, WhatsApp started trending on the microblogging site Twitter.

The update policies have added new sections about Transactions and Payments Data as well as Location Information is also added.

The updation has also made it clear that information and data can be collected and shared with Facebook companies. These updates being brought in is a change in the way the platform would process the user data. WhatsApp ‘updates’ privacy policy to share user data with Facebook, Elon Musk says ‘use’ Signal instead. As the details are scarier.


There is no doubt that WhatsApp has entered in a way that no other messaging app has managed to increased over the years. Probably, this time WhatsApp has gone a bit too far, taking users for granted. It is claiming to collect more data than before including battery level, signal strength, app version, and identifiers unique to Facebook Companies. All of these can be used by not just WhatsApp but also by Facebook companies. And, we know that the platforms have been prone to hacks and data leaks in the past.

The updated privacy policy and terms of service would be implemented on February 8, and by then, users would have to accept these conditions to be able to continue using the instant messaging platform.

Users who choose to not accept these changes would not be able to use WhatsApp come February 8. Those users who choose not to give the platform access to such additional information won’t be able to access WhatsApp. It is said that there are more private Signal to use for our chatting and sharing stuff like Telegram, hike, etc.

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