Netizens demand stern action against “RTI activist” for character assassination of a medical officer

 Netizens demand stern action against “RTI activist” for character assassination of a medical officer

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Baramulla, Dec 27: A day after an ‘RTI activist’ from Baramulla in a video message leveled serious allegations against a health care Officer, netizens are demanding stern action against the said activist.

Earlier, ‘RTI activist’ Siraj Din Salam from Baramulla leveled allegations of fraud, corruption and other charges against the medical officer in a video message posted on facebook. The video is doing rounds on social media. However, a large section of the people using social media platforms have asked for strict actions against the ‘activist’ for character assassination and naming the doctor in his video posted on social media platform Facebook.

A social activist Meer Manzoor wrote on Facebook, “Dissent is required, but it does not grant an unfettered right to damage a reputation. Freedom of expression is a highly treasured value under the Constitution but then reputation of one cannot be allowed to be crucified at the altar of the other’s right of free speech.”

He further added that freedom of speech is important but it cannot be used to ruin the image of a person.

“Defamation is a criminal offence,” another nitizen wrote.


Some netizens expressed: “Nowadays it has become a trend to demonize people, professionals and respectable people on social media campaigns with law maintaining agencies taking no serious actions against such self claimed ‘social activists’.”

A doctor by profession in a long post on facebook wrote, “Not a single department in our valley is without loopholes and there are serious problems in government sector but that doesn’t mean that for some personal grudges with a person, you can’t just start defaming a person and be a part of character assassination, a vilified campaign. Let the law take it’s own course.”

A local in Baramulla said that the district hospital Baramulla has witnessed a significant improvent under the administrative control of during the current Medical Superident, with many of its departments seeing tremendous expansion and improvement.

“From a mere hospital, it attained the status of Medical College with state-of-the-art infrastructure, machines. New labs and testing facilities have been installed. Lots of people got employment but few people having personal grudges can’t take system on a ride by starting vilifying campaigns against a competent officer,” he added.

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