Mustard Oil Company slapped Rs 2 lakh fine at Srinagar

ANH Desk

Srinagar, March 13(ANH) : The Court of Adjudicating Officer (Additional Deputy Commissioner) Srinagar imposed a fine of Rs 2 lakh on a mustard oil manufacturing unit for manufacturing Sub-Standard and Misbranded Mustard oil.

The complaint against the company was filed by Food Safety Office after receiving sanction from Assistant Commissioner Food Safety Srinagar under overall supervision of Commissioner Food Safety.

Meanwhile, 11 more complaints have been filed in the court of Adjudicating Officer against various Food Business Operators for violation of different provisions of Food Safety and Standards Act. The food business operators especially milk vendors have been warned to desist from  adulteration otherwise stern action under FSS act shall be initiated against them.

In case of complaint the consumers are requested to contact on phone No 2495191.(ANH)

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