MEA slams Pakistan for linking Karachi terror attack to India

New Delhi, June 30 : India blasted Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday evening for reportedly accusing New Delhi of involvement in the attack on the Karachi stock exchange on Monday morning.

New Delhi said it had absolutely no hesitation in condemning terrorism anywhere including the attack in Karachi unlike Pakistan whose Prime Minister Imran Khan recently hailed slain global terrorist Osama bin Laden as a martyr.

New Delhi also said Islamabad cannot shift the blame on India for Pakistan’s domestic problems.

According to reports, the attack in Karachi was carried out by Baloch armed groups who claim that the province of Balochistan is being plundered and exploited by the Pakistani establishment.

But Pakistani broadcaster Radio Pakistan ran a report saying the Pakistani Foreign Minister had alleged that the attack was carried out by sleeper cells ‘activated’by India.

Lashing out at Pakistan, the MEA said, ‘India rejects the absurd comments of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan on the terrorist attack in Karachi.

Pakistan cannot shift the blame on India for its domestic problems. Unlike Pakistan, India has no hesitation in condemning terrorism anywhere in the world, including in Karachi.’

The MEA added, ‘Foreign Minister Qureshi may wish to reflect on this, as also his own Government’s position, including his Prime Minister’s description of the global terrorist as a ‘martyr’.’

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