KCC&I expresses concern over rising water level in Jehlum

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Srinagar, April 13 (ANH) : The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed concern at the abrupt rise in water levels in the flood channel and the River Jhelum.

In a statement to Asiannewshub,Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad, President KCC&I stated that it was appalling to see that a few millimetres of rainfall has caused such an abnormal rise. The  water disbursal  / drainage system appears to be totally choked.

Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad said that in view of the heavy snowfall during the winter months, increased water flow in rivers is expected during the summer months.


Post 2014 floods, a lot of flood prevention and disaster management measures have been announced.

These include dredging of River Jhelum, construction of storm drains, increasing the water intake capacity of Wular Lake, etc.

But even after the passage of five years, the water absorption capacity of our rivers, drainage system and flood channels appears to have  been drastically reduced rather than having increased. The dredging operation seems to be a total failure. As are other short and long terms flood control measures.


The Government should initiate preventive measures on war footing. The wastage of substantial amounts of public money on ineffectual measures also needs to be looked into and responsibility fixed. There is an apparent adhocism in planning which has to be corrected before it’s too late.(ANH)

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