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Ishrat Rasheed: First Kashmiri specially-abled International basketball player

Jahangeer Ganaie

(Asian News Hub) – A specially-abled lady from North Kashmir is inspiring hundreds of people as she has represented India at the international level in wheelchair basketball.

Ishrat Rasheed, 24, a resident of Bangdara village of North Kashmir’s Baramulla is the first specially-abled International basketball player of J&K.

While talking with news agency—KNO, Ishrat said that in the year 2016 she fell from the second floor of her house which resulted in grave injuries to spinal cord leaving her, paralyzed waist-below and wheelchair-bound.

“I was unable to accept this reality and nobody would have thought at that stage that I would ever be able to reach an international stage and represent India in wheelchair basketball,” she said.

“During the first six months, when I was bed-ridden and wheelchair-bound, I got very much depressed. However, one day my father took me to Medicare Society where disability was a normal thing,” Ishrat said. “I somehow understood that there were hundreds of people like me in the world and that changed my perception and I came out of my depression.”

At the Medicare Society, Ishrat saw some boys, whose movement was also confined to wheelchair, playing basketball there and this ignited confidence in her and she started practising with the boys.

After practising for 3 days, Ishrat was selected for the nationals for the first time during a camp at the Indoor stadium. She played her nationals in Tamil Nadu followed by Mohali.

She said that during the communication blockade after the abrogation of the special status of J&K, she was informed by local police and the army that she has to reach Chennai for the national coaching camp.

“It was entirely due to the joint efforts of captain Louis George of the Indian Navy, who was the coach of the Indian wheelchair Womens’ Basketball team, and Colonel Isenhower, a retired army officer in Kerala, who traced me in Baramulla,” she said.

Ishrat said with the help of the army, she reached Chennai after two days, just in time for her coaching camp.

“I attended the camp in Chennai from where I was selected to represent India for the Asia-Oceania wheelchair basketball championship, at Pattaya in Thailand,” she said.

Representing India at International level and becoming the first female specially-abled international basketball player from J&K changed everything for her.

“Whatever conditions one may be, it is best not to lose confidence in oneself, but go ahead positively, striving hard.” she said.

Ishrat said that she resumed her studies too after a gap of four years as well and dozens of specially-abled girls have started taking part in basketball after watching her.

“We must treat specially-abled persons very well and support them, that motivates them so that they must they won’t feel lonely,” she said.

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Fortis hospital sets Liver Diseases Centre at Star Hospital Srinagar

Appoints Dr Mir Sammiullah as senior Liver Transplant Consultant at Fortis Hospital Gurugram

(Asian News Hub) – Keeping in view the rising incidence of liver diseases in Kashmir, Fortis Hospital has established a Liver Diseases Centre at Star Hospital Srinagar.

The Centre will cater all types of liver diseases and liver transplant services.

Dr Mir Sammiullah has been appointed as senior Liver Transplant Consultant at Fortis Hospital Gurugram.

The OPD services will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.


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COVID-19: As cases resurge, SMHS closes OPD again

Designates 12 wards including paid rooms as COVID designated wards

(Asian News Hub) – In wake of the rise in the COVID-19 cases in Jammu and Kashmir, authorities at Srinagar Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) hospital has decided to stop the Out-Patient Department (OPD) and said that only surgeries of emergency nature, malignancies and other referral cases shall be entertained.

Principal Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar chaired a meeting yesterday  regarding the preparedness of SMHS hospital Srinagar to deal with the COVID-19.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Masood Tanvir Professor and HOD medicine, Dr. Rouf Ahmad Professor and head ENT, Dr. Tariq Qureshi Professor and Head Ophthalmology, Dr. Ruksana Najeeb Professor and Head anesthesiology, Dr. Iffat Hassan Shah Professor and Head Dermatology, Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Dar professor and Head Radiology, Dr. Mufti Mehmood Professor and Head Surgery, Dr. Sonaullah Kuchay Professor and head Radiation Oncology, Dr. Naveed Nazir Shah Professor and Head Chest Disease and Dr. Nazir H Chowdhary Medical Superintendent SMHS hospital.

In the meeting, it was decided that Ward number 02, 03, 3A, 04, 18, 19, 20, isolation/drug De-Addiction Centre, paid rooms, MICU, SICU, w-17 and disaster management ward shall be designated as COVID-19 wards.

“Ward number 01 shall function exclusively for ENT department, besides, ENT department shall carry out surgeries on their designated Operation Theatre. Ward number 08 comprising 36 beds shall be operated by Medicine (30 beds) as non-COVID ward and Dermatology (06 beds) jointly as rush increases,” the order issued in this regard reads.

In the meeting, it has been further decided to stop the operation of OPDs, adding that only surgeries of emergency nature, malignancies and other referral cases shall be entertained. Furthermore, the patient load vis-à-vis duty roaster of doctors and paramecia staff should be regulated and rationalized, the meeting said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nazir Chowdhary said that 203 beds have been designated for COVID beds at the hospital. He said that the rush of patients has been increasing with each passing day, saying that nearly 30 patients are being admitted at the hospital on a regular basis.

He added that adequate supply of oxygen and other related things are available at the hospital at present.


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Kashmir Law College students stage protest, demand punishment to ‘erring students’

Allege rented goons of 3rd semester students vandalized college property, beat students, threaten staff

(Asian News Hub) – Students from Kashmir Law College Friday hit streets to protest alleged ragging of juniors by 3rd semester students, stating that the later brought “goons” who vandalized college property and beat students.

Protesting students alleged that erring 3rd semester students besides harassing their juniors also brought some rented goons who vandalized college furniture, beat students to pulp and threatened the staff.

The students including girls assembled at Press Enclave to lodge their protest against the bullying of junior students at Kashmir Law College Nowshera.

The slogan shouting students carrying pictures of alleged rented goons holding ‘knuckle-punches’ in their hands demanded stringent action against erring students, who they alleged broke all records of ‘rowdiness’.

Zakariya Ashraf, an 8th semester student said some 1st year law students brought the issue of alleged bullying by 3rd semester students a few days back which became the cause of disagreement between the two sides.

He said the 3rd semester students who were exposed after the recent episode of hooliganism at Kashmir Law College are now trying to put blame on 8th semester students for the mess.

“Some 1st semester students came to us and informed us that they are being bullied by their seniors, we assured them that ragging will not be allowed in this college and we took the issue up with erring students, who instead of feeling sorry, started beating us,” Zakariya told reporters.

He also said that the parents of erring students also joined them in beating students while rented goons played their part by vandalizing college property, abusing students and staff and threatening the college head.

He said the entire college administration and other students stand by their side to come to the rescue of some juniors who were being bullied by erring 3rd semester students.

“Had we done anything wrong, college administration, faculty and students would not have supported us. We want the students who uploaded fake video on social media to gain public sympathies and those who were hired by them to create ruckus in the college be brought into book,” he added.


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