Indian expat wins $2.7 million in Abu Dhabi raffle in UAE

ANH Desk

India, June 4: An Indian expatriate won $2.7 million in a monthly raffle in the UAE, a media report said on Tuesday.

Sanjai Nath R, who had purchased the ticket at Big Ticket Abu Dhabi, was announced the winner of the bumper prize of 10 million dirham ($2.7 million) on Monday, reports said.

While Mr. Nath won the first prize, five other Indian expatriates were in the top ten winning list of the raffle. The second prize of 100,000 dirhams was won by Indian expat Binu Gopinathan.

Shipak Barua from Bangladesh won aLand Rover Series 16 in the raffle.

Last month, Shojith KS, an Indian national from Sharjah, had won the first prize of 15 million dirhams ($4.08 million).

Big Ticket is the largest and longest running monthly raffle draw for cash prizes and luxury cars in Abu Dhabi. (Agencies)

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