India-China faceoff: Chinese Army playing Punjabi songs on border to create confusion among Indian Army

New delhi, Sept 16: The tension between India and China is continuously increasing. The Chinese army is spreading propaganda with the help of a loudspeaker.

As per the information received, these loudspeakers have been installed at finger four. Messages that spread confusion through loudspeakers are also being telecasted.

According to media reports, on August 29-30, on the southern coast of the Pangong Lake, the Indian forces defeated the Chinese forces in Rezang LA and Rechin LA, carrying tanks and armoured military vehicles.

China was hopeful that the Indian forces would be back, but it did not happen.

The Indian forces were ready to face the bout. At this stage, China started playing Punjabi song on the finger four of the Pangong Lake, which distracted the Indian forces. Since always, the intention of the Chinese on the border has been wrong, it is not hidden from anybody.

On the other hand, the Indian forces are looking at every movement of the People’s Liberation Army in the border areas. In the last 20 days, there have been at least three incidents of firing between India and China near the North Pangong Lake.

During this, 100-200 rounds of air firing were made between the two sides. This is the first time in 45 years when there has been an incident of firing at the LAC. China has planned to create confusion among the Indian Army through songs.

According to a former Indian Army chief, the PLA used the same loudspeaker tactics in 1962 skirmishes in the western and eastern sectors as well during the 1967 Nathu La skirmish. “But the Indian troops were foxed about the Punjabi songs on Finger 4. Maybe, the PLA thought that troops from Punjab were holding on to the higher heights of Finger 4 feature,” said the former army chief.

While the Red Army is using psy-ops at Pangong Tso against the Indian Army, a Chinese Communist party mouthpiece has also been tweeting its heart out to remind the Indian political leadership about the loss of face in 1962, the need for India to recover its economy that, it says, has sunk to abysmal depth and to check the rampant spread of coronavirus in India without mentioning that the virus originated in Wuhan. The propaganda paper and its online site also describes the Modi government’s tough stance on the Ladakh friction as a tactic to divert attention from domestic strife.

Incidentally, the same holds true for Chinese Communist party general secretary Xi Jinping who initiated PLA aggression in Ladakh to divert attention. (Agencies)

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