In #Chhattisgarh, 108 Out of 159 “Tableeghis” Turn Out To Be Hindus

Asiannewshub Bureau

SRINAGAR, April 12 : In a groundbreaking report, a BBC Hindi report has claimed that the from the list of 159 people submitted to the High Court who had returned to Chhattisgarh after visiting Tableeghi congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi, 108 people are reportedly non-Muslims.

The claims, the news reports adds are based on the list of 159 forwarded by the High Court to the state government to trace and find 52 “missing” people from the list.

BBC Hindi News further claims to have accessed the list and personal information of the people mentioned in the list adding that 108 of them are non-Muslims. It also confirmed that the news agency also spoke to a few of the people mentioned on the list.

The petitioner also told the High Court that only 107 people of the 159 people who returned from Nizamuddin Markaz were tested for COVID-19 and only 87 reports were received so far while 52 others are still missing and the state government has failed to trace them.

The High Court then ordered state government to trace the 52 people missing from the list while also instructing the government to update it with the reports of 20 people from the list whose reports are awaited. And provided the list of 159 people to state government of which 108 people are non-Muslims.

The report also confirms that the people BBC Hindi interacted with from the list confirmed that they had no connections with the Tableeghi Jamat and had visited Delhi for their personal work in March second and third week.

One of the person who is on the list of 159 people and BBC interacted with reported said “I am a Brahmin Hindu. Why will I attend Tableeghi Congregation? I visited Delhi in March for my personal work and I took my train to Bilaspur from Nizamuddin Railway Station.

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