Highway Ban : Sunday market looses sheen

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Srinagar, May 19(ANH):  Every Sunday, the busiest market of Sunday Market and other adjoin markets of the city center Lal Chowk  are used to bustle with buyers but from last four Sundays the scene is different as due to the highways ban people from other district are unable to reach the market which result no rush in the markets.

As the government has locked down the highway, people living in areas other than Srinagar city are not able to reach the Sunday Market and different adjoin markets which is the loss of the vendors who lively hood depends on the market.

Business activities of these markets has been hit due to the ban as customers from different parts of the valley are unable to reach Srinagar due to ban on movement of civil traffic on the highway, Market which include Sunday market, Makka Market, Goni Khan market, Hari sing and other adjoin markets.

“This is the fourth Sunday see the market there is no rush,government is snatching our livelihood near about 5000 families who are fully dependent on these market, we are not able to understand what we will do,” told group of vendors to Asiannewshub.

Most of them work only on Sunday, when civil traffic is banned on the highway. They said they won’t be able to feed their families as customers fail to visit the market in view of the highway ban.

“We have not seen a single customer since morning. I have not sold anything because most people who buy things from these markets are from other district,” said a group of vendors from Makka market to Asiannewshub.

Only on Sunday the rush of the people are more, as these markets only open in Sunday, particularly Sunday market, “before highway ban every Sunday I earn near about 8000 and from last three Sundays I didn’t earn even 3000,” told Asif Ahmad a vendor from Sunday Market to Asiannewshub.

Another vendor, Bilal Ahmad said, It is a direct attack on the livelihood of people of Kashmir. We are poor people and have no other source of income, we cannot do anything, we just simply do protest against this and we did but nothing has been done, now we just  hope before Eid this ban will end, so that this market will once again witness rush of people and we will do our business same as we will do,”

According to the order, on Sunday every week, no civilian traffic would be allowed on Srinagar-Jammu highway; and there would be exclusive movement of government force’s convoys during the day from 4 AM to 5 PM.(ANH)

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