Few days of snowfall has exposed the abysmal state of LG administration: AIP

 Few days of snowfall has exposed the abysmal state of LG administration: AIP

File photo: Er Rasheed AIP Chief, photo | Internet

Srinagar, Jan 06: Incarcerated Er Abdul Rashid lead Awami Itehad Party urged the LG administration to wake up from its deep slumber and address people’s basic issues post snowfall.

Party top brass lamented the ill preparedness of state machinery, terming snowfall as an abrupt change of weather at the peak of winters is nothing but laughable commented Party leader and Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai in a statement to ANH.

The question to ask here is why were the authorities not ready to deal with exigencies even at the peak of winters? What else were the authorities expecting, if it won’t snow in winters? When would it? He termed the absurdly churlish reasons provided by people at helm as a classic example of lackadaisical approach of present administration towards people at large.

In Srinagar even snow from main roads has not been cleared properly; if the city center itself is being criminally neglected in such a manner, one can only imagine the plight of people in rural areas.


Party top brass also expressed how basic deficit in power sector has been completely exposed by a few days of snowfall.

Even though the persevered efforts of PDD ground staff are praiseworthy, lacuna at Delina Grid which is primarily responsible for the miserable state of electricity in entire Kupwara district must open the eyes of LG administration. Up-gradation of Delina Grid is the need of hour and must be done expeditiously.

Party leadership urged LG to wake up and smell the coffee, things have never been so bad on ground irrespective of whichever Government was in power but the LG regime of today has taken things from bad to absolute worse. 

Awami Itehad Party impressed upon the present day administration to shun its causal-approach and ensure basic snow clearance at least from main roads across Kashmir division is undertaken on war footing, he added.

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