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Father jailed for 33 years for raping his 3 daughters



(Asian News Hub) – A 55-year-old father in Singapore was sentenced to 33 years in prison on Tuesday for raping and sexually abusing all three of his daughters over a period of 14 years, targeting them when they each turned 11 or 12 years old.

The paedophile cannot be named owing to gag orders protecting the identities of his daughters, pleaded guilty to four charges of rape, aggravated rape and attempting to procure an indecent act with his youngest daughter.

Damaging effects of pornography

According to the local media reports, the accused, who worked as a cleaner in a nearby primary school, married his wife in 1993 and the couple has three daughters – now 13, 22 and 26 – and a 17-year-old son.

The man began sexually assaulting his eldest daughter when she was 11, in 2005, after watching pornography and ‘developing urges’, prosecutors informed the media.

The abuse persisted until the elder one turned 16 or 17 years sometime in 2011 after which he started eyeing on his second daughter, who by then was of 12 years.

Following a period of nine years, from 2011 to 2019, the man last raped his second daughter in the kitchen on the night of October 19, 2019, while his wife was sleeping in the living room.

Both the eldest and second daughters did not dare to tell anyone about these sexual assaults as they were scared of their father, who had warned them against doing so, unlike the third daughter who had the courage to negate her father’s intention on the night of October 22, 2019, when the later gestured her to go closer to him.

The girl knew he wanted to have sex with her, especially having seen him sexually assault her second sister as well as from her own experience of being molested by him several times in previous years. As she did not want to be raped, she shook her head and started crying.

A friend in need

The minute details of the heinous crime came to light, once and for all, only when his youngest daughter confided in her friend, who advised her to tell their school teacher, who then took her to lodge a complaint with the police report.

Other than the four rape-related charges, the accused further pleaded guilty for eight other charges which were taken into account during sentencing.

Therefore, prosecutors sought a total sentence of at least 35 years and four months’ jail for the accused, which also included a one-year term in lieu of caning. The man was above 50 years and so he cannot be caned as per the local laws.

Meanwhile, as a result of abuse for long years, the two oldest daughters have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, while the second daughter has also reported of other major depressive disorders and in dire need of medical treatment in future years.

“The accused had caused significant physical and psychological harm to all three of his daughters and severely violated their trust in their own father,” High Court judge See Kee Oon said during the sentencing.

In addition, the man was himself diagnosed with paedophilic disorder and was found to have a high risk of reoffending.


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Afghanistan: 37 killed, over 70 injured as blast hits Shia mosque in Kandahar



(Asian News Hub) – Suicide bombers assaulted a Shiite mosque in southern Afghanistan that was packed with worshippers attending weekly Friday prayers, killing at least 37 people and wounding more than 70, Associated Press reported quoting hospital official and an eyewitness.

The attack on the Imam Barga mosque came a week after a bombing claimed by a local Islamic State affiliate killed 46 people at a Shiite mosque in northern Afghanistan.

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Murtaza, an eye-witness who like many Afghans goes by one name, said four suicide bombers attacked the mosque. Two detonated their explosives at a security gate, allowing the other two to run inside and strike the congregation of worshippers.

Speaking to The Associated Press by phone, he said Friday prayers are typically attended by around 500 people.

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At least 20 killed, over 300 injured in an earthquake in Pakistan



(Asian News Hub) – At least 20 people were killed and over 300 others injured after a powerful 5.9 earthquake struck Pakistan’s Balochistan province early on Thursday, October 7, 2021, according to PTI quoting media reports.

Disaster management officials said the death toll may increase, Geo News reported.

According to the seismological centre, the epicentre was located near Harnai at a depth of 15 km.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said many of the dead were women and children.

The quake affected Quetta, Sibi, Harnai, Pishin, Qila Saifullah, Chaman, Ziarat and Zhob in Balochistan.

Images on social media showed people in the city of Quetta out on the streets in the aftermath of the quake, Dawn newspaper reported.

Aftershocks are still being felt in different areas. The earliest tremors were felt at 3:20 am after which panicked citizens rushed out of their houses reciting verses from the holy Quran. Relief and rescue activities are underway, with an emergency declared in all hospitals.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Harnai Sohail Anwar Hashmi, several people have been rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

He said that several buildings in Harnai have been damaged. Many people were left buried under the rubble.

The power supply to the area has been suspended, he said.

According to the rescue sources, more than 70 houses were reported damaged in Harnai.

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World surpasses 5M COVID-19 deaths



(Asian News Hub) – The coronavirus death toll around the world surpassed 5 million on Friday, according to Reuters’s tally.

Around the world, an average of 8,000 deaths a day were reported, according to the outlet. However, it noted that the global death rate has slowed in recent weeks.

Reuters reported that it took over a year to accumulate 2.5 million deaths, but it took under eight months to accumulate the second 2.5 million deaths.

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