Crying of a baby and death of their daughter at TK’s Hospital Srinagar, haunts family

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Baby doesn’t need anything but he needs mother love, Aakher mouj cha na mouj aasan, at the end mother is mother

Srinagar June 19 : Crying of a baby and death of their daughter haunts family of Nusrat Bhat, 29 – who died on the operation table at Khanam’s Hospital after delivering a baby boy.

Alleging medical negligence, the family told Asiannewshub, the doctors and other staff of the hospital “kept us in dark” for around three hours before “fleeing away” from the hospital even as the deceased body was kept in the theatre.

Nusrat Bhat who was married just 10 months ago was going to celebrate the happiness as she was delivering the first child but due to the negligence of doctors she was not able to celebrate the happiness and died on operation table.

Shafat Ahmad, the deceased’s brother-in-law, said they left for the hospital at 7 am Monday after she developed labour pain.

He told Asiannewshub,“Soon we were at the hospital where she was operated upon at 0830 Hrs. She gave birth to a baby boy at 0845 Hrs.

The theatre staff handed over the newly born to the family, everyone was very happy but who knows this happiness is just for some time.

When we asked about the well being of Nusrat  doctors replied Nusrat is inside on the pretext that she was under observation. We didn’t took it otherwise as we thought it is the well being for our patients.” But after one and half hours gone we again visited, then doctors about the well being of our patient and they again replied that the patient is completely fine,” Shafat told Asiannewshub.

But after some time they informed us that she is feeling short of breath, but there is nothing to worry about,”he added.

The prolonged wait was making us insecure and we insisted doctors on seeing the patient.

After forcing myself inside the theatre, I saw her lying motionless and she looked like a corpse. The female surgeon, who was also my sister-in-law’s gynecologist, now enquired from me, if my sister-in-law had a high or low blood pressure problem. I slept her for telling me this, how she was unknown to this problem when she had been treating her from the last three months, Shafat questioned.

I was repeatedly asking them why isn’t she recovering and all I got is false assurances. They asked me to go to another room, although, I did go, but I returned back immediately. On my return I saw doctors trying to revive her heart, but she had already succumbed. We took her out of the theatre around 12:30-1 pm,” he told Asiannewshub.

After hearing the news of her death the agitated family members and relatives of Nusrat Bhat allegedly samashed the window the hospital property and even injured the anesthesiologist.

Her family members told Asiannewshub, that we don’t want to register an FIR as we don’t want his body suffer more  would again do a minor surgery on her, which we never want to happen  that is why we don’t register any case,”

“We simple need justice we don’t want this happen to next, this baby is just two weeks old from last night he is continously crying, he doesn’t need anything but he needs mother love, Aakher mouj cha na mouj aasan, at the end mother is mother,” told a relative to Asiannewshub.

However, Dr Nisara Bhat who is Ex. Professor and head obstetric and gynecology, who conducted the surgery at the Tahira Khanam Hospital, denied the allegations.

She told Asiannewshub,“I did a cesarean procedure. Baby and mother were fine and weighed,there was no complication. But in the meantime she developed lung spasms,”

It can happen with anyone during the surgery that is why we take the double consent with their attended before performing surgery as they (attendant) are responsible for everything It’s all upon the Allah, we too fail sometime,” Bhat said.

“In fact, our anesthetist suffered from a head injury as he was attacked by the mob. I left from the hospital at 5:30 pm. I recorded my statements and submitted all the documents before the station house officer at Shergari Police station,” the doctor added.

While as official sources of police told Asiannewshub, That they are asserting the facts, “And  no one have lodged an FIR neither the Hospital nor the family members.

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