COVID19 Vaccine May Be Ready In First Quater Of 2021: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

Srinagar, Sept 13 : Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said the vaccine might be ready by the first quarter of 2021. “While no date has been fixed for the vaccine launch, it may be ready by the first quarter of 2021,” Vardhan said.

Emergency authorisation of the vaccine is also on the cards, indicated the minister during an interaction with his social media followers, ‘Jan Samvad’, on Sunday. He said the government is considering emergency authorisation of a vaccine against the coronavirus, especially in the case of senior citizens and people working in high-risk settings.

‘This shall be done after a consensus has been reached,’ he said.

To allay fears regarding the safety aspect of the vaccines, he said he will be happy to take the first dosage of vaccine if some people have a trust deficit. Incidentally, a decade ago, the then Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad had officially launched Vaxiflu-S, the country’s first indigenous vaccine to counter H1N1 /swine flu.

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