COVID19: Vaccine could be ready in a month says U.S president Donald Trump

New york, Sept 16: In a major development, US President Donald Trump on Tuesday stated that vaccine for the novel coronavirus may be available within a month. He also added that the crisis could go away by itself.

“We’re very close to having a vaccine,” he told a town hall Q and A session with voters in Pennsylvania aired on ABC News. He said, “We’re within weeks of getting it you know — could be three weeks, four weeks.” Only hours earlier, speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, US President had said a vaccine could come in “four weeks, it could be eight weeks.”

Meanwhile, Democrats have expressed concern that Donald Trump is putting political pressure on government health officials and scientists to agree a rushed vaccine in time to help turn around his uphill bid for re-election against challenger Joe Biden in November.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden augmented Kamala Harris’ comments on Monday after he was asked if he would get a vaccine for the coronavirus. Biden said he’d take a vaccine ‘tomorrow’ want to see what the scientists have to say, too.

The US has topped the table in terms of the highest number of coronavirus cases. The caseload in the US now stands at over 6.61 million and death total at nearly two lakh.

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