Breaking boundaries of depression, a young girl from Pulwama pens 1,000 english poems

 Breaking boundaries of depression, a young girl from Pulwama pens 1,000 english poems

Sheikh Mahiruqh resident of Pulwama

Pulwama, Dec 29: Breaking boundaries of anxiety and depression, a 20-year-old girl from Pulwama has written over one thousand poems in english language.

Sheikh Mahiruqh, belonging to a small hamlet Chanapora in Rajpora Tehsil of Pulwama district has recently published her first book “The Mist Journey of Words”.

While talking with news agency—KNO Sheikh Mahiruqh, who is now pursuing her bachelor’s degree in literature and economics from Government Degree College for Women in Pulwama, said that she wasn’t a poet by birth but her life course from 2014-15 changed her interest and made her a poet of circumstances.

“So, far I have written over one thousand poems in English language,” Mahiruqh said, adding that the main topics of her poems are an inspiration, romance and romantic fiction.


“I have suffered a lot in my life. I went through paralysis, depression and neurological disorder besides other issues. I used to take 12 tablets per day. Even today I am on medicine but it has not stopped me from writing,” she said.

Mahiruqh said her first book – The Mist Journey of Words- got published just a month before and at present, she is working on another book which is a resistance poetry collection.

“For the second book I have taken inspiration from Aga Shahid Ali’s book ‘Country Without a Post Office’ and it will be a tribute to him and transition from the 1980s to 2020,” she said.

“I am presently working with two international magazines namely Causerie official and Wissenmonk as a feature writer and official interviewer and feature writer,” Mahiruqh said, adding that, she is also working with literature organisation Braanth.

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