Bimyar High school at Baramulla left midway in Shambles since 7 Years

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Baramulla, May 10 (ANH) : Construction of high school building in Bimyar, Boniyar area of Baramulla district is left midway in shambles since the last Seven years only Skelton of the buildings is constructed.

Four structures, three construed one stored and left, and one left in the bed level, with falling brick by brick, broken windows and roof less Skelton of school could be seen here in Bimyar area of Boniyar tehsil.

Government High School Bimyar, with enrolled students nearly 300, and a suitable staff are struggling to accommodate the classes in the old school blocks, which had just six rooms, Head master, Iqbal Khan told Asiannewshub.

Khan said that they had have to face a terrible problems in maintaining classes since they have two blocks far from each other.

He said, “The construction for high school started in the year 2012, since then only the Skelton is there and left to ruin,”

“It could have been good for the students as well as for the staff to run the school of the construction was completed, since the school has really good reviews as of enrollment.”

He further added, that the school comes under the SSC scheme and should have completed construction with a year or two since the funds for the construction were granted by the Zonal Educational Officer, however nothing fruitful is being done for over seven years.

One of the students told Asiannewshub that they adjust two classes in just one room, that of class 9th and 10th.

“We fail to get the teachers call since two teachers are in the same room for two classes, however the school buildings are taken up by goons all day long since construction stopped”.

One of the residents, Umar Ahmad told Asiannewshub that the Gambler, goons and roamers take up the half constructed buildings since it has been years left overlooked.

“The school old as well as this new one are without fencing, however the nearby LJHP canal by which water flows with speed fears accidents,” Ahmad told.

Zonal Educational Officer Boniyar, M Maqbool Shah told Asiannewshub that the said school construction is under their supervision since they have handed over the work to ZEPO.

“We have handed over the Bimyar high school and other related area works to the ZEPO Boniyar,”.

ZEPO Boniyar, Baseer Ahmad Khan told Asiannewshub that the contractor have left the work midway and released funds up to the level they had have constructed the building.

“The construction is at halt from the year 2012, since this is the negligence of contractor, although an FIR has been filed against him,” Khan told.

He added that as soon as the halt would be resolved, the construction would be restored again till the completion.(ANH)

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