Australia prints 400 million banknotes with a typo

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Australia, May 10: Millions of A$50 (US$35) banknotes in Australia have an embarrassing typographical error that was overlooked by the country’s central bank before they were printed and circulated.

Some seven months into its circulation, a new $50 bill (worth roughly US$35) was found to have a tiny typo on it. The bill — which was designed with enhanced anti-counterfeiting features — misspells “responsibility” as “responsibilty” in fine print on its face, reports said.

The Melbourne-based Triple M radio station posted photos of the typo on its social media accounts.

Despite the error, the bills can still be utilized. According to reports, about 46 million of the bills are already in circulation.


“These banknotes are legal tender and can continue to be used as normal. It does not affect their validity and functionality in any way,” a Reserve Bank of Australia spokeswoman said in a statement.


The Reserve Bank of Australia said they have been aware of the issue for a few months, and are planning to correct the error in its next batch of printing. (Agencies)

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