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Another Indian scribe dies of Covid-19, PEC urges for alertness



(Asian News Hub) – The global tally of novel corona virus infected individuals among journalists has reached 970 in 72 countries, where an India based scribe (Pramod Srivastava) succumbed to Covid-19 complications recently to increase the south Asian nation’s casualties up to 58 till date in the backdrop of ongoing province level elections in the country.

Press Emblem Campaign (PEC), the Switzerland based organization focusing on safety of scribes, urges everyone to be alert as the pandemic’s second and third waves hit many nations.

Peru continues to top the list of corona-victims with  135 casualties, where Brazil (129 dead) and Mexico (90) follows the country, said Blaise Lempen, secretary-general of PEC adding that those nations are followed by Italy (51 dead), USA (46), Bangladesh (45), Ecuador (43), Colombia (38), United Kingdom (28), Pakistan (25), Turkey (22), Panama (16), Spain (15), Bolivia (14), Russia (14),  Ukraine (14), etc.

It may be mentioned the PEC team started a corona-ticker since  March 2020 to pay tributes to journalists killed by the pandemic around the world. The safety of media workers is particularly at risk in this health-related crisis because they have to continue providing information.

Many of them died for lack of adequate protective measures when doing their job and hence the PEC requests early vaccinations for journalists on the frontlines, stated Lempen.

Uttar Pradesh journalist Srivastava (48) was admitted to the hospital with respiratory complains after he tested positive for Covid-19 on 25 March, where he died two days later.

Many other journalists have also tested positive for the infection as they continue playing the role of corona warriors along with the doctors, nurses, sanitation workers with others.

India as a nation lately witnesses a surge in corona infections in various localities. The populous country recorded over 1,23,92,260
Covid-19 cases with over 1,64,110 casualties.

PEC’s India representative Nava Thakuria apprehended that as the election process
is going on in four major States (Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu with union territory Puducherry) and will continue for a few more days, many reporters on the ground may get infected by the virus.

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IAS Shah Faesal withdraws petition challenging Article 370 abrogation from Supreme Court



New Delhi, Sept 20: IAS officer Shah Faesal has withdrawn his petition from the Supreme Court challenging the Presidential order to scrap Article 370, that granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir, Bar & Bench reported.

Faesal was among 23 petitioners who had challenged the Centre’s decision to abrogate provisions of Article 370.

Shah Faesal’s decision to withdraw the petition comes months after he was taken back into the Indian Administrative Service in April this year and appointed Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Culture.

Faesal resigned from service in protest in 2019 to float his own political party in Jammu and Kashmir. However, his resignation had never been accepted by the government and he withdrew it later. Agencies

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TRAI orders telecos to provide 30 days’ validity plans to subscribers



Srinagar, Sept 13: India’s telecom regulator, TRAI, has mandated that all Telecom Service Providers (TSP) must provide at least one plan voucher, special tariff voucher, and combination voucher which can be renewed after the completion of a month’s duration, 30 days.

In a new release dated September 12, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India added that if the date of such renewal is not available in a month, the date of renewal shall be the last date of that month.

“Every Telecom Service Provider shall offer at least one Plan Voucher, one Special Tariff Voucher and one Combo Voucher having a validity of thirty days,” it said in a release.

“Every Telecom Service Provider shall offer at least one Plan Voucher, one Special Tariff Voucher and one Combo Voucher which shall be renewable on the same date of every month and if the date of such renewal is not available in a month, the date of renewal shall be the last date of that month,” it added.

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If stray dogs attack people, those who feed them could be held liable: SC



New Delhi, Sept 10: The Supreme Court on Friday suggested people who routinely feed stray dogs could be made responsible for their vaccination and also liable to bear the costs if those animals attack people while emphasising on the need to find a solution to the stray dogs’ menace, IANS reported.

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As a bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and J.K. Maheshwari was hearing petitions in connection with the stray dogs’ menace in Kerala, Justice Khanna orally observed that he is a dog lover and there are many dog lovers and suggested that people who feed stray dogs could possibly keep a number or marking on the dog they feed.

“They will be responsible for vaccinating them and bearing the cost if a person is attacked,” he said.

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The bench emphasised that it is essential to find the solution of stray dogs’ menace and need to create a balance between people who feed stray dogs and also protect innocent people from being attacked by stray dogs.

It observed that it is important to accept there is a problem – dogs may become ferocious due to lack of food or they may get an infection. It further added that rabies-infected dogs could be put in a care centre by authorities concerned.

Advocate V.K. Biju submitted that since August 8 persons have died and schoolchildren and women are being attacked by ferocious dogs in public places. Biju had recently raised the issue of stray dogs’ attacks before the top court and highlighted the recent death of a 12-year-old victim in Kerala.

Counsel, representing the Kerala government, cited the Kerala High Court judgment passed in 2015, to cull the stray dog population as per local body laws.

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The court also asked the Sri Jagan Commission, formed by the Supreme Court in 2016 to inquire into complaints about dog attacks and the distribution of compensation to victims in Kerala, to submit a report.

After hearing arguments, the top court scheduled the matter for further hearing on September 28 and permitted animal rights groups to intervene. IANS

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